Trailer Two Wheel

Trailer Two Wheel
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01 Two wheel trolley 10 ton capacity, Connected to hydraulic Valve system along
with high- pressure pipe with adopters fitted at end.
02 Size of the Trailer Length – 3050 mm
Width – 1800 mm
Height -450mm
03 Chassis and main
Base Frame
Base chassis size 175 mm. X 75 mm. of C type channel. And on top
of that another Cross channel over chassis of 100 mm X 50 mm size
having at least twentycross members [Dhoka] and two longitudinal
member. Additional suitable longitudinal member size 120 X 65 mm
may also be provided for hydraulic jack fittings, if required.
04 Side Wall Sheet M.S Sheet 4 mm (min) all side open type on hinges (Bride Bar)
except front one.
05 Floor Sheet M.S Sheet 6.00 mm (min)
06 Axle M S square 75X75 mm
07 Wheel Hub 02 nos. wheel hub heavy duty of 08 holes with branded wheel bearings of
08 Towing hook towing hook of min 36 mm MS round
09 Tyre Assembly & wheel 02 nos. wheels (double plated ring type with 8 holes) and accordingly tyre
should be of size 9.00X16 of Branded MRF .
10 Painting One Coat of Blue Oxide and 2 coats of super synthetic enamel paint.